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SCS gives importance to R&D facilities with the purpose of “Continuous Improvement”.

The main purpose of SCS in R&D facilities is reaching the System Optimization and improving in a continuous manner. In short, the aim is designing and producing Systems that will show maximum endurance with reasonable material usage.  

In this sense, SCS does periodic tests in order to increase the endurance of the Systems that it builds.

These tests are carried out in SCS’s own laboratories in which there is current calibration equipment.

Calibrations of all of the equipment in the laboratory are carried out by Accredited Bodies.

Within the scope of R&D facilities, SCS does;

  • With SolidWorks, modelling of;
    • PV Panels’ Bearing Structures in 3D,
    • Solar Tracking Systems,
  • With Finite Element Method, cross-sectional design in genuine Aluminum Profiles that will increase the endurance of the Profiles,
  • With SAP 2000, Static calculations special to every field in Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems,
  • In Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems with Concrete Applications;
    • Genuine Concrete Mold Systems, and
    • Genuine Drilling Core Apparatus.