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A. Terrain Type Solar Energy Construction Systems

A.1. Fixed Systems

Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems are chosen when energy production in large scale is needed. Since there are no boundaries in the scale, Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems have a variety of application areas. Open areas and fields, farms, factories, industrial facilities are examples of the usage areas of Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems. Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems are chosen because of their decisive properties such as being built practically and in a short time. Another advantage of these Systems is the fact that they have modular structures.

" SCS has the certificate of TSEK 506 (Metal Constructions for Terrain Type Solar Power Plants-Structural Design, Manufacturing, Inspection and Test Methods) for Terrain Type Solar Energy Systems. "

The materials that SCS chooses to use in field type applications :

  • In Columns : Mostly IPE (IPE-80 or IPE-100) or C-Profile (3 mm - 4 mm) based on maximum snow and wind load calculations
  • In Beams : Twisted steels of 2 mm, 2.5 mm or 3 mm according to the layout angles of the panels
  • In Rafters : SCS’s genuine design Aluminum Profile
  • In Wind and Earthquake Tension Rods : U-Profiles of 1.5 - 2 mm and/or L-Profiles of 3 mm

SCS solves its need for cable duct with only one component, thanks to its genuine beam design, in a fast and economic manner.

SCS prefers ;

  • Hot Dip Galvanized method in steel Profiles (70 ± 10 µm),
  • Centrifugal Galvanized Coating method for steel connection elements, and
  • Geomet Coating for bolts, nuts and sealing rings

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A.2. Tracking Systems

Solar Tracking Systems aim to drop sun rays onto the panels with right angle, or with an angle closest to right angle, by following the location of the sun.

By ensuring sun rays always drop onto the panel with a right angle, an increase in the amount of energy produced from the panels is aimed.

Considering the fact that the efficiency received from the panels is maximum when the sun rays drop onto the panels with a right angle, it can be concluded that the efficiency received from the field increases thanks to Solar Tracking Systems.

"Another advantage of Solar Tracking Systems over Fixed Solar Energy Systems is the fact that Solar Tracking Systems require less space in the field in order to produce the same amount of energy received from Fixed Solar Energy Systems. "

Solar Tracking Systems have two types, which are uniaxial and multiaxial.

SCS continues the R&D and pre-production facilities of Uniaxial Solar Tracking Systems.