Biogas is a type of gas in which there is some amount of methane gas and produced as a result of the fermentation of organic matter.

Biogas is one of the important Renewable Energy sources.

Mostly organic waste is used in the production of biogas.

In a typical biogas facility, there are storerooms such as the fermentor, gas tank and fertilizer tank.

In the fermentor, biogas is produced from the organic waste. With the help of pipes, the gas in the fermentor is sent to the gas tank in which there is constant pressure. Fertilizer tank is the place in which the organic matter that will be sent to the fermentor is stored.

In this sense, SCS makes the design and production of the Storerooms and Pipe Systems of the Biogas Facilities, by taking into consideration the necessary engineering calculations and the results of the technical documentation.

After the production phase, SCS makes the assembly of the Biogas Facilities Construction Systems onto the field.