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Quality Management

Engineering Services, Project and Quality Management are integrated into the processes of Design, Production and Assembly.

For SCS, it is crucial to make the quality control of the materials used.

In this sense;

  • Firstly, Input Control (the mechanical and chemical properties of the materials) is made.
  • The process continues with the mechanical control in which the controls of;
    • Size of the Profiles used,
    • Size and Cog Dimensions of the Bolts, Nuts and Sealing Rings are made.
  • In the last stage, the control of Coating Thickness;
    • Thickness of Hot Dip Galvanized in Steel Profiles,
    • Thickness of Centrifugal Galvanized in Steel Connection Elements,
    • Thickness of Geometric Overlay in Bolts, Nuts and Sealing Rings

    is made.