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Engineering Services and Project Management

A. Terrain Type Solar Energy Construction Systems

Engineering Services, Project and Quality Management are integrated into the processes of Design, Production and Assembly.

Among the Engineering Services that SCS offers, there exist;

  • Pull-Out Tests,
  • Static Project,
  • Planning of Column Application,
  • Assembly in the Field.

Pull-Out Tests are applied on the field surface in order to determine with which method the assembly of the panels will be made on the surface.

The structural design calculations of the System are made by Civil Engineers (Engineers who perform the Static Calculations), based on the needs of the Project Owner and/or Turkish Standards (TS). 

The regulations and standards that are taken as basis are;

  • DBYYHY 2007, the Regulation Concerning the Building that Will be Made in Earthquake Zones,
  • TS 648, the Regulation Concerning the Steel Structures,
  • TS 498, the Regulation Concerning the Loading Structures,
  • AA-ASD 2000, the Agreement of Aluminum,

and the Structural Integrity of the System is ensured based on mainly the Static Project, along with the field experience of SCS.

The Column Application Planning is made according to the Designs of PV Panels’ Bearing Structures, which is prepared based on the Static Project. The Static Project is prepared taking into consideration the results of the Pull-out Tests, and Report of Field Soil Exploration.

Taking the Column Application Plan as basis, the locations in which the panels will be located are chosen with Geological and Topographical Engineers.

Following this stage, the Field Assembly starts.

Among the Project Management services that SCS offers, there exists;

  • Project Planning,
  • Sizing and Material Supply,
  • Production Planning,
  • Mobilization Planning,
  • Delivery,
  • Assembly Planning (Workforce and Equipment Planning).

In Project Management, Sizing and Time Management are crucial.

B. Rooftop Type Solar Energy Construction Systems

From the perspective of Engineering, the most important factor in Rooftop Type Solar Energy Construction Systems is the total weight of the System.

At this point, the System should be solved in an optimum way, taking into consideration the snow and wind loads. 

From the perspective of the Project Management, the most important factor is planning the measures concerning Work Safety beforehand, in the most comprehensive way.