Even though SCS mainly works on Solar Energy Systems, its only focus isn’t Solar Energy.

The fundamental area of SCS is the Renewable Energy Sector.

In this sense, apart from Solar Energy Systems, SCS works in the field of Greenhouse Construction Systems.

The most important factor in Greenhouse Construction Systems is the climatic conditions of the area in which the System will be constructed and the products that will be grown in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Construction Systems are divided into three, which are;

  • Glass Greenhouse Construction,
  • Glass Greenhouse with Curtains, and
  • Plastic Greenhouse Construction.

Glass Greenhouse Construction Systems :

In Glass Greenhouse Construction Systems, galvanized steel is preferred as lower structure material. Aluminum is used in upper structure. If asked, qualities such as sliding window and rainwater collection apparatus can be added to the system.

Glass Greenhouse with Curtains Construction Systems :

Glass Greenhouse with Curtains Construction Systems are mainly used in regions where there are seasonal changes. There are two types of these Systems, which are Puch-Bull System and Traction System.

Plastic Greenhouse Construction Systems :

Galvanized steel is used in Plastic Greenhouse Construction Systems, and these Systems are quite enduring.

SCS makes all of the mechanical constructions of Greenhouse Construction Systems, starting from the static project.